TRAVEL Website providing directory information and reviews of travel-related content Geolocation-oriented photo sharing website Tips and Information around canoeing and life in the wild Skyscanner is a passenger flight, hotel and car hire search engine is the online interface for the World Database on Protected Areas

CANOEING AND KAYAKING Best forum for paddlers Paddling and canoeing portal

LANGUAGES LEO Mulltilingual Dictionary Pons Multilingual Dictionary Google Translator Civil Ernst & Sohn Civil Engineering Dictionary Mulltilingual Dictionary Mulltilingual Dictionary Russian Dictionary Russian Dictionary Type Russian letters without a Russian keyboard Duolingo is a free language-learning platform Spanish Translation and Learning

CIVIL ENGINEERING Unit Conversion Unit Conversion Tools and Basic Information for Engineering and Design free searchable database of engineering materials (steel and alloy) Aqua-Calc Conversions and Calculations Conversions online

DARTS Swiss Dart Association Darts Liga Beider Basel (DLBB) DartPro darts software DartScoreBoard darts software Score Darts is an iPhone / iPad app and a free online darts scorer Polish Dart Federation ( Soft-Darts ) All you need to know about the game of darts

USEFUL TOOLS AND FREE SOFTWARE PDF Editor free file-conversion online Currency Converter/Kalkulator Walutowy

Film, Cinema, Movies Boulder International Film Festival Berlin International Film Festival (Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin) Internet Movie Database (IMDB) is an online database of information related to films, television programs and video games Online showcase of documentary and short films focusing on issues of human rights, social awareness, the environment, and spirituality
http://366weirdmovies.com366 Weird MOvies You Must See

MY LINKS My Picasaweb Album

QUIZ & KNOWLEDGE Quizmasters – one of the biggest and best question databases on the internet

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