Ski Holiday Hasliberg, Reka Holiday Village, Switzerland


Ski Resort Meiringen-Hasliberg is one of the best and most family friendly ski resorts in the Bernese Oberland. It is located 50km from Luzern and 80km from the capital Bern. With 60km ski slopes, 13 lifts, 2 toboggan runs, 15km classic cross-country ski-runs, 25km winter hiking trails and several child lift it is a great winter destination for everyone.
Detailed info about the Meiringen-Hasliberg ski resort can be found HERE READ MORE !

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4 days solo hike in the Alps, Ticino/Piedmont, Switzerland/Italy 2016

Calonge 001

Late autumn is the perfect time for hikers who wants to get some “Into the Wild” feeling. The snow has already covered the higher parts of Alps, most of the mountain huts are closed, days are short and temperatures during the night are around zero or less. Only very little hikers decide to go into the higher parts of the Alps which makes it almost a wilderness area. The landscape during the spring is fairy-tale-like and colours almost unreal. With a great weather forecast for the next few days, it was a perfect time for a nature-lover adventure. I packed my backpack with everything I need for 4 days and went to swiss canton of Ticino in the Lepontine Alps region. READ MORE !

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Ski Holiday Meiringen-Hasliberg, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland 2016

Meiringen-Hasliberg 001
This winter we have visited the Meiringen-Haslital ski resort again and booked accommodation in Brienz as last year. On the first day we took the cable car from Mägisalp to Alpentower where we could observe the uncommon phenomena called “sea of clouds” formed by the uniform layer of clouds below. It is often compared to an open sea with the mountain peaks rising above the clouds looking like small island on the horizon. Standing there, looking at the clouds below and the surrounding mountains, it was really hard to believe that it is only about 2245m above the sea level and there are mountains on our planet which are almost 4 times higher than this one… READ MORE !

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Climbing Barrhorn (3610m) in 1 day, Switzerland 2015

Barrhorn 001Highest Mountain Hike in Europe or Highest “snow-free” Mountain in Europe.
This is how the Barrhorn summit is often described. What does it really mean ?
Barrhorn summit claims to be the highest mountain in Europe which is “snow-free” during summer and can be ascended via the normal route by an experienced hiker without any climbing gear. I have came across this mountain while searching the web for a summit over 3000 which can be ascended in 1 day without previous mountaineering experience and without crossing any ice/glacier. READ MORE !

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Lago Ritom, Ticino, Switzerland 2015

MTB Lago Ritom 001The natural lake Lago Ritom, located in Piora valley, Ticino, Switzerland is used as a reservoir to generate hydro-electric power for the Gotthard line. Our plan was to cycle up to Lago Ritom and cycle some of the trails around the lake. Unfortunately all trails were covered by snow and we only got to the lake after breaking through some small snowdrifts and a road blocked by an avalanche… There was no chance to get further.
I am posting some pictured from our short ride. I am hoping to come back to this place in Summer and explore the area on a bike … READ MORE

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Ski Holiday Brienz & Haslital, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland 2015

Haslital 001The winter holiday were approaching and we still didn’t have anything booked… This year instead of going to Klewenalp-Stockhütte we decided to try something new … The prices during winter holiday for accommodations located close to ski slopes are pretty high so we decided to stay in a much cheaper place located not far from a good ski resort. Our choice was Brienz which is located only 14km from Meiringen-Hasliberg resort and ca. 17km from Axalp ski resort. READ MORE !

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Monte Bar, Switzerland 2014

Monte Bar 001
Mountain Bike tour to Capanna Monte Bar
Starting point: last car park after Capriasca (Coordinates 46.091608, 8.999696)
via point: Capanna Monte Bar hut 1620m
End point: car park

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Carnival of Basel / Basler Fasnacht 2014

Basler Fasnacht 001
“Die drey scheenschte Dääg” (“the three most beautiful days”)
This is how the locals call the Carnival of Basel. The name is very appropriate because it is the most important event in Basel which transforms the city into a huge spectacle and brings the whole region into the streets. The Basler Fasnacht is a very old tradition with roots in the 14th century. The oldest existing document concerning the event dates from 1376 and refers to the “evil Fasnacht” but the form in which Fasnacht is celebrated today is just over 100 years old and is carefully guarded by the Basler Fasnachts Comité ( http://www.fasnachts-comite.ch ) READ MORE !

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Ski Weekend Klewenalp-Stockhütte, Switzerland 2014

klewenalp 001

It was already the end of January and the winter was still nowhere to see … No signs of the white powder … And the kids were asking the same question everyday: When is the snow coming ??
It was the time for a short ski break. If snow is not coming to us, then we are coming to the snow ! … READ MORE !!!

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Family trip to Naturfreundehaus in Emmental, Switzerland 2013

Emmental 001
Have you ever wondered why Swiss cows wear bells?
To keeps the cows contented ? So you can hear them from the distance on the foggy day ? or just to remind you that you haven`t got a glass of milk yet?
Whichever reason is behind those cowbells – there is nothing more amazing then waking up with this lovely tunes:) and then falling asleep with this sweet lullaby… READ MORE !!!

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