Journeys to Saudi Arabia: Tasting Raw Camel Milk

Saudi ArabiaHow does the raw camel milk taste ? Is it really the best milk on this planet ? What makes it so different from other types of milk ?
These questions crossed my mind whenever I saw these beautiful animals during my travels. I was not able to find the definite answers to all these questions but I did not hesitate when a chance of tasting it appeared. A bowl of fresh, warm camel milk with foam on top. How could I refuse ?

Saudi Arabia

Camel milk is often described as ‘liquid gold’ or ‘elixir of the desert’. There are many benefits of drinking camel milk. Some studies even show that it can kill cancer cells …

Camel milk: facts and health benefits:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Stimulates blood circulation any is good for your heart
  • It is nutritious. Important source of energy, protein, calcium, riboflavin, B12, and other essential nutrients
  • Compared to human milk, it contains more fat, protein, ash, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, iron and copper, and less whey protein, lactose and zinc
  • It does not contain proteins responsible for allergic reactions and therefore is easily digested by lactose-intolerant individuals
  • Helps in proper growth and development of bones and organ systems

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

On the highway 65 from Riyadh to Al Kharj there are several camel farms where the camel milk can be purchased. Several are located just beside the main road. Some parts of the highway 65 are running literally through the desert. The road is surrounded by beautifully formed dunes on both sides where groups of camels or caravan of the camels can be seen.
When you stop at a camel farm and ask for camel milk, the local Bedouin will milk one of his camels and offer you a bowl of fresh milk. Tasting the camel milk for the first time in your life is quite an interesting experience.
The sweet taste of warm camel milk … unforgettable …

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

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One thought on “Journeys to Saudi Arabia: Tasting Raw Camel Milk

  1. I can see you’ve done your homework on the milk. In addition, it is low in calorie and cholesterol.
    The milk is available in pasteurized bottles in Dubai. Just be careful with raw milk in KSA as it’s been reported that it may carry the MERS virus.
    Glad you enjoyed it. Cheers.


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