Ballinastoe Mountain Bike Park, Ireland 2009

Ballinastoe 001
Ballinastoe Mountain Bike Park located in County Wicklow, about 30km from Dublin, provides 14km of purpose built mountain bike trails.
There are two loops to choose from, both of which are sign posted by red cyclist icons. The terrain at ballinastoe woods is a mix of wide double-track and narrow singletrack, offering a challenge for any mountain biker.
This trail is still one of the best trails I have cycled so far !

All information and trail maps can be downloaded from Coillte website

Direct link to Ballinastoe Mountain Bike Trail
Ballinastoe Mountain Bike Trail

The Coillte website offers also information on other MTB trails in Ireland. It also provides information on other outdoor activities in Ireland such as walking trails, cycling trails etc.

Ballinastoe 6.09.09 001 Ballinastoe 6.09.09 003 Ballinastoe 6.09.09 006 Ballinastoe 6.09.09 012 Ballinastoe 6.09.09 018Ballinastoe 6.09.09 004 Ballinastoe 6.09.09 008 Ballinastoe 6.09.09 019

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