Dublin, Ireland 2005-2010

Dublin 001
We came to Dublin in March 2005 and lived there for 6 years. It is a place which we used to call ‘home’ and where our kids Oskar and Wiktor were born. Some people say the city is ugly and others love it. Sourrounded by Wicklow mountains from one side and the Irish Sea on the other, with it’s unique character and great irish people living there makes this place very special. This very the famous beer in the world is produced. Guinness is good for you!

100_1188 One of the first photos taken in Dublin

Here is a list of must-see attractions in Dublin:

1. The Guinness Storehouse
If you don’t visit the place where Guiness is made, you will never hear the heartbeat of Dublin City.
The Guiness Storehouse played a significant role in the Irish history so don’t miss it while visiting Dublin.
The tour is ending with a pint in the rooftop Gravity Bar. You will never forget this pint of Guiness. Even when your friend alzheimer knocks on your door. Guaranteed !


Guinness advertisement My favourites Guinness propaganda advertisements

DSCF0371 Unforgetable pint of Guinness in the rooftop Gravity Bar

2. Temple Bar

3. Howth Peninsula

4. Saint Patrick’s Day Parade


Some more photos from Dublin:









Zdjecia AP08 049


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